The Origins of Metal Core

With the recent popularity of bands like Killswitch Engage in the mainstream music industry, All That Remains, and As I Lay Dying, a lot of people have started hearing metalcore nowadays. But what about its origin? Let’s take a look at it.

Origin Story

Metalcore started as a mixture of hardcore punk and heavy metal in the 80s. More often than not, punk bands were influenced heavily by thrash metal and the heavy metal movement. As a result of this, their music began reflecting it and couldn’t be called punk anymore.

A lot of the early thrashcore and metalcore bands drew their inspiration from bands like Biohazard and Earth Crisis. These bands got inspired by the likes of Anthrax, Pantera, Slayer, and similar other metal bands. This line of inspiration and evolution clearly puts metal core within the metal community.


The genre went away from punk bands into an underground scene, and this scene started growing after the 80s. These bands weren’t punk bands, and the distance between pop-punk and metalcore started becoming more evident with the rise of bands like Green Day.

In the present millennium, the metal core made a huge resurgence. As more bands came up and started tasting popularity, a fresh wave of bands has now taken over this genre. But among all the bands involved in the scene, perhaps none of them is as popular as Killswitch Engage.

They formed their band in 1999 and brought a certain amount of spirituality to the genre. They were the pioneers of melodic metalcore. This is why they were able to reach a larger fan base. Their efforts also brought a lot of new fans to the genre, mostly female.

But, even though metal core has enjoyed success in the recent past, there is a swing movement that is starting now with bands like The Black Dahlia Murder which don’t care for melodic vocals and just focus on technicality and instrumentation.