Heavy Metal Guitar Tips for Aspiring Guitarists

There are quite a few guitar techniques and tricks that are used by heavy metal and rock musicians. You might find some of them to be quite unusual, and even complicated if you are just starting out. But, mastering such techniques is the best way for you to master some of the most important technical aspects associated with rock and heavy metal. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your adventure in heavy metal music.

Learn Basics

One of the 1st things you should do is learn the basics of the said genre like strumming and picking techniques as well as power chords. But, once guitarists master these, they usually don’t know what to do next. Here are some tips:

You can try your hand at tap harmonics. This may seem a little complicated but mastering it will help increase your dexterity and overall skill set.

A couple of other techniques which guitarists should try mastering include string skipping and sweep picking. They are used commonly in rock and heavy metal nowadays and allows guitarists produce sounds which may seem very complex but aren’t in reality.

Speed Picking

For any guitarist trying to learn to shred like their favourite rock guitarist, one technique they must learn is speed picking. Speed is synonymous with rock and heavy metal, and being able to play the guitar at blazing fast speeds is something that isn’t easy to come by. The good news though is that there are a lot of tricks available online that can help you with this. So get started right away.

Any guitarist who has been playing for a while now will say that it takes lots of practice to become a legend. But, with the kind of resources we have at our disposal nowadays, it is easier than it has ever been. So get started right away.