Do You Know What Heavy Metal Music is?

Classic heavy metal is music which has massive, thick sound including long guitar solos, amplified distortion, complex beats, and overall loudness. The major instruments used here are electric guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. Even though most groups focus on the vocals, there are also occasions in heavy metal music when the focus will be on the lead guitarist instead.

The Guitarist

The guitarist is the most important person when it comes to heavy metal. They perform riffs and are the ones who lead groups. Even though a few of them use power chords for their songs, most have amazing abilities. Some techniques used include string skipping, alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, legato, and economy picking.

This type of music became popular in the 60s with bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The lyrics here focused on depressing or dark subjects including paranoia, war, death, and personal trauma. There were a few extreme forms which also focused on gory or aggressive lyrics while there were some which had philosophical themes. One common theme throughout metal music was though the theme of doing whatever you want.


There are a vast number of genres when it comes to heavy metal music, and there are just as many ideologies among the artists. Some of the popular styles include metalcore, alternative metal, funk metal, drone metal, grindcore, speed, gothic, nu metal, neo-classical metal, death metal, rap metal, and post metal. Every sub-genre has elements of various music styles including blues, rock, rap, folk, alternative, punk, classical, and hip-hop.

The visual appearance is very important when it comes to metal music. Certain groups like Alice Cooper and Kiss are known because of their outlandish costumes and epic stage performances.

This form of music is very masculine and not meant for dance concerts. Most of the audience makes hand gestures or engages in head banging. Some other displays include stage diving, moshing, or crowd surfing.