A Look at the Origin of Death Metal

Chuck Schuldiner is considered by most to be a pioneer when it comes to death metal. He had a band called Death which released many groundbreaking albums that helped cement his legacy. His album, Scream Blood Gore back in 1987, is widely considered to be the first Death Metal album ever released and is credited with changing the direction death metal was going at the time. It has Schuldiner writing all the songs, playing the guitar and bass, and even providing vocals for every song.


The next couple of albums that he released with his band were Leprosy (1988) and Spiritual Healing (1990). The albums contained a different guitar tone, and recording quality was quite different too. It moved away from Punk/Heavy Grind influences and used a more progressive and technical sound. Schuldiner had trouble keeping full-time musicians with him after this and simply resorted to hire sessions musicians for recording and live performances. This gave him the freedom to make all the decisions including styles, development, and songwriting himself.

This style of music is extreme, to say the least. It features deep, wraspy or growled lyrics, fast guitar picking, double kick bass, technical guitar riffs, fast guitar soloings, alternate picking, and make different squealing techniques.

New Realms

Wanting his music to reach new realms, Schuldiner ended this project in 1999 and started a new group called Control Denied. Unfortunately, all his work came to an end in 2001 when he died of Cancer. All that remains of him now is his legacy, and that is enough to keep the genre alive and kicking. A number of death metal artists consider him to be their inspiration for getting into the genre. Some of the best songs of his band include Pull the Plug, Lack of Comprehension, and Crystal Mountain.